See Kinetik in Action

Simulate an aggressive growth scenario for your business with Kinetik Scenario.  Upload your G2M engine statistics and do your own ‘what if’ analysis


Scenario Analysis

Understanding the impact of one area in a complex organization requires understanding of cause and effect across the go-to market engine

Control Panel

The control panel is your starting point for defining input files, selecting the growth strategy, and identifying the marketing mix for your analysis.

Pipeline Dynamics

Trying to analyze a static view of your pipeline is like using a balance sheet to understand profit margins.  Kinetik dynamic visualizations provide insight into creation, velocity and patterns of opportunity progression

Revenue Forecast GTM Scenario

Understand the revenue impact of your scenario and the go-to market statistics that are required to execute.  When you lock in your growth strategy, use the G2M statistics to align with the functions responsible for delivering.  

Exporting Scenarios and Creating an Account

Ever try to set up a monte carlo simulation in Excel? It is time consuming and challenging. Get the results of your simulation in less than a third of the time by setting up an account and exporting the results.

Schedule time with our data science team to explore options for building a proof of concept model

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