Launch New Products • Optimize Strategy • Increase Seller Productivity

Kinetik for a new product launch

Grow faster without the sales pipeline headaches

New products should not flounder in the pipeline nor be put on hold due to uncertainty. Kinetik recommends a go-to-market digital twin and monte-carlo simulations to improve the understanding of scale and timing required to ensure a successful product launch.



Kinetik’s monte carlo simulations and theoretical models  provide accurate win/loss rates so you can know where to focus


Kinetik utilizes and analyzes robust data to aid marketing strategies, business development tactics, and sales effectiveness


Kinetik’s solutions adapt your business model according to the shape of your pipeline and constraining factors

Kinetik to optimize and to eliminate constraints

Make what-if scenarios your reality

Take the question mark out of a “what-if” question. Kinetik analyzes your team’s pipeline and data, constructing what-if scenarios that are analyzed to help meet your company’s goals. Simulate a re-allocation of resources or a marketing focus on a certain region.



Kinetik eliminates the need for guesses on the back of an envelope or ball-parking numbers. This allows for bold decisions


With Kinetik, your company can understand across complex deals and gain wholistic knowledge into constraining factors


By accepting and eliminating certain scenarios identified by Kinetik, your company will optimize itself and experience growth in all directions

Kinetik to increase seller capacity and productivity

Understand your sales team like never before

Make your sales team more efficient with simple models. Kinetik constructs personalized what-if scenarios and uses multi-variate regression analysis based on your company’s goals, current resources, and potential resources to help your sales team increase their capacity and productivity.



Kinetik’s insights helps your management team make bold decisions regarding resource allocation and acquirement, increasing sales numbers


Using Kinetik’s findings, your team and sellers have more confidence in their decisions after viewing simulations of the future and win rates of deals


Kinetik’s solutions increase seller capacity and productivity by answering what-if questions using statistical analysis and predictive modeling